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2014 - 03 - Micro Hydropower For Malaysia

Water Recycle Group (WRG) is proud to announce the supply of 4 microhydropower systems to Malaysia which will be utilised in remote areas for needed power generation. WRG plans to have case studies of the new units at their sites in the near future.

Announcing the supply, WRG Managing Director, Mr Kelvin Fahey, said "Whilst this is not our first microhydropower sale to Malaysia we appreciate the confidence and and innovation shown by the engineers and developers in utilising renewable microhydorpower in their projects."

2013 - 09 - Micro Hydropower For Uganda

Water Recycle Group (WRG) is proud to announce the supply of 3 microhydropower systems to a Uganda coffee plantation. The units will provide renewable electricity for the isolated area that has no electrical grid within 100km. The order also includes associated hyro canals and pipes for each of the turbines/genrators supplied.

Announcing the sale, WRG Managing Director, Mr Kelvin Fahey, said "We are committed to bring electrical power to remote areas and are very happy to see the replacement with these microhydro systems of costly and polluting diesel generators on the site."

2013 - 01 - Remedial Works Undertaken On NSW Mid North Coast

WRG was selected by the NSW Government to supply and install parts for the Seal Rocks Holiday Park wastewater treatment system. The existing system had become damaged and required urgent remedial works.

The installation was undertaken by WRG personnel on time and within budget.

2012 - 06 - Remote Telemetry Gets Results

WRG has been a leader in developing real-time monitoring of water purification and wastewater treatment systems. These activities have included 5km microwave telemetry in the Clarence River Valley, NSW across the Tasman Sea to the local council depot. Work has progressively been undertaken to develop a central monitoring system at WRG's headquarters in Canberra.

Plans are well underway to incorporate micro and mini-hydropower units that are located in remote sites to assist with analysis, record keeping and maintenance activities.

2011 - 11 - Oil Water Separator for RTA

WRG was selected by the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to supply and installed a new oil-water separator at one of its southern NSW RTA depots. The existing system had become damaged in a storm and was costly to retrofit effectively.

As anticipated by WRG the installation was undertaken by WRG personnel on time and within budget.

2010 - 10 - WRG Northern Australia

As part of its regular maintenance schedule, WRG personnel were active in undertaking maintenance and where required retrofitting of water and wastewater treatment systems across northern Australia.

Most of these locations are remote and include towns (like Burketown QLD) and minesites that have no fallback options, so the WRG installed equipment must perform regardless of the hot, humid and dry conditions.

2009 - 01 - WRG Appoints Papua New Guinea Agent

Water Recycle Group Australia Pty Ltd (WRG) is proud to announce the appointment of its new Papua New Guinea (PNG) agent Active Power Systems Ltd (APS) located in Port Moresby. APS was established in 2003 and is focused on the delivery of "Turn Key" solutions across power and communication technologies for urban, rural and industrial applications.

APS Managing Director, Mr Henry Taligatus has indicated that APS is particularly keen to develop the potential of small - medium scale hydropower opportortunities across the nation. The use of renewable non-polluting energy will allow both development as well as reduce reliance on adverse carbon fottprint fossil fuels, especially diesel fuels. Micro and mini-hydropower systems offer a real alternative in a nation comprised of mountains, rivers and tropical rainfall.

Announcing the agency, WRG Managing Director, Mr Kelvin Fahey, said APS is a quality partner and well placed to achive its aims and assist in PNG development. "We have had many inquiries from Papua New Guinea and many businesses have come and gone. Active Power Systems is a serious stakeholder in supplying equipment and services for power and communications and we are proud to be their partner in developing this nation's potential, especially for villages, education, hospitals, industry, infrastrucutre and tourism."

2008 - 12 - WRG Well Placed In Regional Renewable Energy + Reuse Markets

After a solid year of exports, project development and the appointment of new agents, Water Recycle Group Australia (WRG) is well placed as a leader in renewable energy and reuse technologies across the Asia-Pacific region.

With both micro and mini-hydropower systems active in nations as diverse as Thailand, Vanuatu, Philippines, New Caledonia, Vietnam and New Zealand, WRG has estalished a solid reputation as a "can do" organisation supplying innovative product technologies and services.

Specific new areas that have arisen for WRG over the past year include emegency desalination water-making units, a new range of 10 ~ 50 kW micro-hydropower turbines and larger scale package wastewater treatment plants.

2008 - 09 - Bonjour Nouvelle-Calédonie - Micro Hydropower For New Caledonia

Water Recycle Group Australia Pty Ltd (WRG) is proud to announce the appointment of Tibernid Energie as an accredited agent covering New Calednia (Nouvelle-Calédonie ). Located in the Dumbia trades area of Noumea, Tibernid Energie is one the leading local renewable energy businesses keen to provide low-cost green alternatives in this French territory that uses high per capita volumes of diesel and hydrocarbon fuels for electricity in remote areas.

Tibernid Energie President, Mr Nicholas Saint-Marc, sees substantial hydropower opportunities, especially on the main island, with the first significant project involving a Turgo microhydropower system supplied by WRG. Micro and mini-hydropower systems offer a real alternative in a nation comprised of mountains, rivers and tropical rainfall. Watermaking desalination units should also prove popular in the smaller outlying island communities.

Announcing the agency, WRG Managing Director, Mr Kelvin Fahey, said Tibernid Energie is a quality partner and well placed to achive its aims and assist in New Calendonia development. "We have seen only limited hydroelectric development here compared to other Pacific territories such as Vanuatu or Fiji. Tibernid Energie is well placed to develop renewable opportunities in New Caledonia, especially for villages, ecotourism, farms and communications."

2008 - 04 - WRG Appoints Vanuatu Agent

Water Recycle Group Australia Pty Ltd (WRG) is proud to announce the appointment of its new Vanuatu agent Solar Communication And Equipment Co Ltd located in Port Villa. SCAE is a leader in innovative power and communication technologies for urban, rural and industrial applications and had long planned to expand it water related activities.

Manager of Solar Communication And Equipment Co, Mr Peter Prasad has indicated that his priorities will be to establish the PowerPal micro-hydropower system as the low cost option for non-genereator power supply in the mountainous and tropical archipelago. "These units are a perfect fit with the regional areas of the nation which seeks to be the eco-friendly leader of the Pacific". The PowerPal units provide 200-1000W of electricity from just 1.5 metre of height and cost less than US$2,000 for renewable carbon-neutral power.

Announcing the agency, WRG Managing Director, Mr Kelvin Fahey, said Peter has extensive experience in Vanuatu and across the Pacific. "We comitted to support his initiatives to develop local expertise and regional leadership in energy efficient micro-hydropower as well as water treatment technologies, so essential for tourism, infrastrucutre and public health."

Water Recycle Group is the leading Australian designer, supplier and installer of package water purification, wastewater treatment and reuse systems including micro-hydropower. It is the only Australian water business accredited by the United Nations (103561).

2008 - 02 - WRG Recieves International Quality Summit (IQS) Award

WRG is honoured to announce it has been awarded International Quality Summit (IQS) Award in the Gold Category.

WRG was nominated and voted on without its knowledge and was pleased with this worldwide recognition. The Award places WRG in the ranks with other innovators such as Comercial Cointra, Hong Yuen, Inventec, KBTM and Yamagata Singapore.

WRG is always in the mode of quality assurance and improvment to keep ahead in a demanding business, technological and social environment.

On the basis of IQS regulations and criteria of the QC100 Total Quality Management Model, the award is being presented at the 22nd International Quality Summit in New York on 26 May. QC100 is a quality model to aid company executive and management to spread quality culture among its employees and clients, allowing the company to implement a reliable quality model to cover expectations of their performance, products and services, to work better, improve capability and efficiency, to maximize results, make better decisions and reduce costs.

2007 - 11 - WRG Exits Domestic Greywater Sector

After a series of awards, exports and commercial success, Water Recycle Group Australia has decided to focus on non-domestic greywater product technologies and applications.

The decision to exit domestic residential greywater market was based on a combination of inconsistent and poorly defined state government greywater treatment regulations in Australia and mixed agency support with regard to installation policies.

WRG found that despite export success from New Zealand to Asia, the Australian regulatory system with differing and largely inconsistent state policies did not reflect the reality of either severe water shortages or adverse health implications of untreated greywater. WRG found that exisitng government regulations and policies encourage the reuse of untreated greywater with susbtantial health risks at low consumer cost, whilst either banning greywater treatment (solids removal and disinfection) or imposing high testing costs associated more with raw sewage treatment.

With regard to agent supply relationships, WRG had endeavoured to train numerous agents for the delivery of greywater treatment unit to residential consumers. WRG was always in a position of supply only for these agents and so not responsible for installation. Without a more proactive government regualtory environment plumbers and other agents were sometimes less inclined to assist in delivery and installation to accredited guidleines. Without such assurances WRG can not warranty its 'EcoPlus' registered product so determined to exit this sector, depite its obvious huge potential.

WRG will continue to be actively involved in commercial greywater treatment and reuse applications, such as in hotels, clubs, office buildings, resorts, shopping mall and industrial sites under the 'EcoGrey' and 'EcoCare' registered trademark brands.

2007 - 07 - Carbon-Neutral Amenities for Outback Australia

In a first for remote Australian communities Water Recycle Group (WRG) is installing a solar-powered package wastewater treatment system with full water reuse capabilities. The site at William Creek is in the fragile Lake Eyre conservation area had no mains power so a pro-environment solution was sought. Working with WJMac Services and RI-Industries led to a solution that now sets the standard for carbon-neutral remote installations.

The project funded by the national government's Water Fund was awarded to WRG by the Outback Areas Community Development Trust, the local authority responsible for the unincorporated areas of South Australia. The site had posed a problem for the OACDT in terms of maintenance and efficient operation for some time.

WRG's Managing Director, Kelvin Fahey expressed a sense of achievement with the installation saying, "Whilst there are concerns over global warming and considerable criticism of past policies it is a pleasure to have worked on this innovative design and positive application that demonstrates that in even this small way, we can start to do things smarter, more ecologically sustainable and within a reasonable budget."

The 'Can Do' attitude was also reflected by Bill McLean, Manager of WJMac Services who designed the solar power unit and telemetry capabilities of the system. "It wasn't an easy job, as the environmental conditions are harsh. Temperatures are below zero in winter and can soar to 50 degrees centigrade in summer. The panels had to be angled just right to allow for the charge to be effective and we used a series of batteries for the trickle power required for the pump." Bill has had plenty of experience in this field, being one of the pacesetters in the design and application of solar powered radio transmitters for the State Emergency Services during the 1990s in the eastern states of Australia. So isolation and a challenge was nothing new to him.

Being almost 900km (530 miles) north of Adelaide the system needs to work automatically unmanned 24/7 and it does just that. With the success of this installation, several other remote sites are also being evaluated for attention by WRG and its partners.

Water Recycle Group Australia (WRG) was established in 2000 to provide solutions for practical water treatment by safe, clean, environmentally friendly and cost effective methods. The company has won several awards, the most recent being the Knowledge Fund for commercialising a package greywater treatment technology. The business has a focus on medium scale projects of between 20 to 4,000 population sites. The Australian-owned business is United Nations accredited and is active across the Asia-Pacific region.

2006 - 08 - Micro Hydropower For Malaysia

Water Recycle Group (WRG) is proud to announce the supply of 2 microhydropower systems to Malaysia which will be utilised in remote areas for needed power generation. The units will be installed in Sabah state on the northern tip of the island of Borneo.

Announcing the supply, WRG Managing Director, Mr Kelvin Fahey, said "WRG is proud to supply our first PowerPal units to Malaysia. These units will remove the need for polluting and high maintenance diesel powered generators at the site."

2006 - 03 - Wastewater Treatment In The Flinders Ranges, South Australia

WRG upgraded an existing sewage treatment plant that had been shut down to bring it online as well as with reuse capabilities. The village located in the North Flinders Range had experienced high and low demand extremes fluctuating with the tourism season. A package wastewater treatment unit was the solution with WRG manufacturing the components, installaing and recommissioning the unit. The system can now treat some 46,000 litres per day.

WRG has assited numerous isolated communities with water purification, wastewater treatment and reuse technologies. Often this involves a package approach with design, supply, installation, commissioning and training as few settlements are self-sufficient in all aspects required. In any such initiatives, WRG is always sensitive to community views, participation and ongoing relationships.

2005 - 07 - Greywater Treatment Systems On Display In Canberra

Domestic installation of WRG's EcoPlus units have started to appear across Australia's National Capital. Most households seek to recover and reuse greywater generated from their own use rather than see this valuable resource flushed down the drain.

The award winning EcoPlus unit is on display at the Canberra Building Information Centre, operated by the Master Builders Association - open 7 days every week at 241 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra.

2005 - 04 - Greywater Use In Melbourne

WRG has been awarded a commercial greywater treatment and reuse project in the heart of Melbourne. With all hand basin and shower wastewater being treated in WRG's patented greywater treatment system, toilet flush will be the priority application, with landscaping also undertaken.

WRG has invested considerable amounts over the past 4 years for greywater treatment and reuse technologies. The business was awarded the Knowledge Fund Award in 2003 by the ACT Government and was a Finalist in the Green Plumbers Product of the Year in 2004. WRG is particularly determined to develop an export package greywater reuse unit for world markets , with sales initially to ASEAN already underway. With clientele and inquiries from global sources, WRG management has adopted a structured approach to maximizing its reach in supplying a quality range of models with local technical and promotion support.

WRG is now accrediting installation agents across Australia in this emerging product technology, as well as securing local government approvals. With units priced at less than half the cost of most septic systems, the EcoPlus and EcoGrey package greywater treatment reuse units can reduce water wastage (and input demand) by 70% through the effective treatment and reuse of shower and laundry water.

2005 - 03 - Package Sewage Treatment Plant For Tropical Town - Burketown

Water Recycle Group Australia has been awarded the contract to design, supply and install a new package sewage treatment plant for the far north Queensland urban centre of Burketown. Selected above numerous alternate tenders, the WRG solution encompasses low power demand, no chemical dosing and excellent reuse capabilities for this isolated town. Plant capacity is 0.1 million litres/day with a PWWF at three times this volume for limited hock load periods.

WRG is a leader in package wastewater treatment systems - particularly where more stringent environmental performance requirements are enforced. The business has a strength in this area across the Asia-Pacific region.

The Burketown site will incorporate non-chlorine disinfection and innovative tertiary media filers developed and registered by WRG. The Burke Shire Council intends to reuse the treated effluent in landscaping and other reuse applications, whilst dried sludge is available as fertiliser in local horticulture and landscaping as it is chemical-free.

WRG's Director, Kelvin Fahey, announced the project as the firm approaches a record year of activity. "With projects across the east coast of Australia, New Zealand and ASEAN, we are busy and on the expansion path. This project is an essential service for the Gulf country and had quite demanding requirements that we can meet."

Much of WRG's efficiencies are gained by construction the treatment units in the factory where quality control and testing can be readily effected, unlike hit and miss site works that can take months with cost and time overruns. For more details contact technical@waterrecycle.com.au

2005 - 01 - R&D Results In Phosphorous & Ammonia Reductions

Investing some 8% of turnover in research and development is paying off as WRG develops innovative passive chemical-free solutions to removing and reducing phosphorous and ammonia in both fresh and wastewater. Whilst most processes are limited in disclosure due to commercial-in-confidence reasons, WRG is a leader in the installation of such innovations as well as ensuring proprietary security of the technologies.

The range of Tertiary Media Filters and package greywater treatment systems are particularly unique to WRG and bode well for the future as government policies and regulations require more stringent performance and water saving demands. Some innovations are now in line for environmental award s . For more details contact projects@waterrecycle.com.au

2004 - 11 - Export of Microhydro Units To Asia

PowerPal micorhydro units are now being seen in locations as diverse as northern Thailand to the Taranaki, New Zealand. With a starting output of between 200 to 1,000 W generated from a mere 1.5m head, these units are the most cost-effective multipurpose hydropower unit available. With some +80 units installed in the Philippines, the range is also very popular in Asia.

WRG sees market demand in Australia and New Zealand very much focused on household, farms, resorts and telecommunication facilities, where in Asia and the Pacific Islands the package microhydro units provide essential power for village lighting, pumps, television, and daily life. For more details contact technical@waterrecycle.com.au

2004 - 06 - Integrated Sewage & Greywater Reuse Project To WRG

Water Recycle Group Australia (WRG) is to undertake one the largest integrated community sewage and greywater treatment and reuse developments. The system combines a small footprint package sewage treatment plant with the award winning EcoGrey greywater treatment and reuse system to cater for a peak population of some 1,000 people at Seal Rocks in north eastern New South Wales.

The project involves the reuse of greywater in toilet flush and irrigation in a move that will reduce the aggregate volume of fresh water sourced from the onsite bore. Importantly, the innovative system will incorporate additional proprietary WRG processes for silt, hair and phosphate reduction.

WRG has been a pacesetter in greywater treatment systems R&D, in a joint venture developing the EcoPlus and EcoGrey units to meet performance demands in a small footprint and minimal maintenance framework. It won the Knowledge Fund Award 2003 for its greywater treatment technology and is active in both local and export markets.

2004 - 05 - First PowerPal to Vanuatu

WRG shipped its first PowerPal unit to Vanuatu this month. Installed at the Paradise Eco-Resort, the MHG-200 LH unit is well suited for the moderate flow stream on the mountain adjacent to the resort bungalows and restaurant.

PowerPal is a great fit with the site as the mirohydropower unit is noted for being eco-friendly in that it often displaces diesel and petrol generators in developed nations, as well as wood furnaces and oil in developing nations. For product details see PowerPal.

2004 - 05 - WRG Process Secures Cold Climate National Park

An integrated wastewater treatment system designed by WRG has been selected for Yarrangobilly Caves. As part of Kosciusko National Park, the WRG concept, supply and installation proposal was examined by the Department of Commerce (formerly Department of Public Works) on behalf of the by New South Wales Department of Parks & Wildlife.

Facing temperatures well below freezing point for much of Winter, the package sewage treatment plant will meet very stringent discharge requirements due to the site's soil porosity and limestone caverns below. All treated effluent will be subject to UV disinfection before sub-soil irrigation reuse onsite in a closed loop operation. For product details see Package Sewage Treatment Plants.

2004 - 04 - PowerPal to FNQ

WRG shipped out another PowerPal unit to Far North Queensland. Supplying through its regional agent, Planetary Power, WRG is pleased to see that the MHG-200 LH unit will be well utilised in the Mossman district for electricity generation.

PowerPal is noted for being eco-friendly in that it often displaces diesel and petrol generators in developed nations, as well as wood furnaces in developing nations. For product details see PowerPal.

2004 - 03 - Evaluation of Thai School Wastewater Treatment

WRG completed a site evaluation of Thoeng College in northern Thailand. The objective was to determine the severity of raw sewage and effluent discharge from the school and ipact on surrounding waterways and properties. The independent educational institution caters for some 1,200 students, including full-time boarders, as well as 100 staff and administrative personnel.

2004 - 02 - First PowerPal to Thailand

WRG supplied its first PowerPal to Thailand, with the upmarket model shipped to Chiang Rai, the most northern province. Handled by local agent, Green Synergy Co Ltd, the unit is expected to be generating electrical power for the next 20 or more years.

WRG is proud to be associated with such micro-hydropower supply as the units typically replace hydrocarbon generators, require minimal maintenance and cost so little to acquire. For product details see PowerPal.

2004 - 01 - WRG Thai Agent Appointed

Water Recycle Group Australia Pty Ltd (WRG) is proud to announce the appointment of its new Thai agent Green Synergy Co Ltd. Located in Chiang Rai, Green Synergy is a leader in waste management technologies for rural and industrial applications. The non-exclusive agency covers Thailand and Laos.

Manager of Green Synergy Co Ltd, Mr Philippe Marçais has indicated that his priority will be to establish the PowerPal micro-hydropower system across northern Thailand villages. The PowerPal units provide 200-1000W of electricity from just 1.5 metre of height and cost less than US$1,500.

At present there are hundreds of villages across Vietnam, China and the Philippines with PowerPal as their low-cost electricity source - but none in Thailand. This is set to change with several Royal Farms set to install PowerPal micro-hydropower generators as demonstration units for rural villages in north Thailand.

Announcing the agency, WRG’s Managing Director, Mr Kelvin Fahey, said “Philippe has 17 years of experience in Thailand with a strong track record on environmental engineering. This will provide a welcome boost to the rural north at a time when economic resurgence is mostly felt only in Bangkok. We look forward to developing strong community cooperation and enduring relationships.”

Water Recycle Group is the leading Australian designer, supplier and installer of package water purification, wastewater treatment and reuse systems including micro-hydropower. It is the only Australian water business accredited by the United Nations (#48012) and is also accredited with the Central Provisional Authority in rebuilding Iraq’s water and wastewater systems.

2003 - 12 - WRG Wins 2003 Knowledge Fund for Package Greywater System

WRG was awarded the 2003 Knowledge Fund by the ACT Government for it innovative package greywater treatment unit. Developed under the brand name "EcoPlus" for residential and "EcoGrey" for commercial applications, the unique systems have a small footprint and require minimal power and maintenance..

WRG is undertaking the further research and development in a joint venture arrangement. With full production and marketing rights in hand, WRG is set to commercialise production and bring an accredited package greywater treatment system to a vast range of applications within Australia, New Zealand and export markets. For product details see Greywater.

2003 - 11 - New Package Sewage Plant For Brooms Head

Water Recycle Group Australia is proud to announce the installation of a new Package Sewage Treatment Plant (PSTP) at the Brooms Head Caravan Park in north eastern New South Wales. With a peak capacity of some 46,000 L/D, the BL2000 PSTP is one of the most efficient, small footprint and environmentally sensitive units available.

Commenting on the installation, WRG’s Director, Kelvin Fahey, said “The requirement demanded a visibly low impact, high performance unit capable of handling large fluctuations in loading. The unit installed provides a benchmark in these criteria.”

The unit was installed within a period of 4 days and operating on the fifth, in line with WRG’s package plant approach, which sees equipment development and construction off-site in an ISO 9002 certified factory. The unit was then trucked to site and placed in an excavation with connections readily made. This makes the unit ideal for remote and growing urban settlements alike. Being modular the PSTPs can also be added to over time, as with golf course and rural subdivision developments.

The Brooms Head Caravan Park is managed on behalf of the Brooms Head Trust by Maclean Shire Council MSC). Known as one of the more environmentally progressive local government authorities, MSC considered a number of options for the pristine site which fronts one of Australia’s most attractive beaches and headlands and is surrounded by Yuraygir National Park.

MSC’s Sewage Engineer, Greg Mashiah, said of the new installation “We tendered for a system that would both perform and also not intrude on the overall enjoyment of vacationers at the site. The location on the headland and close proximity to tourist sites meant that most traditional sewage treatment units that generated noise, odour and took valuable space were clearly ruled out. The WRG system meets the requirement for this site.”

The accompanying pump-out station comprises a FRP unit supplied by Kelair Australia, with dual 4SC7/A Lowara pumps capable of 125 L/m each. WRG’s Works Manager, Mark Corbett says “We use a variety of pumps, and Lowara is certainly the best for this site which has a 23m head. The whole system is synchronised in a combined process control panel with telemetry to both Maclean and Yamba Water & Sewage management.”

The system was design supplied and installed by Water Recycle Group Australia Pty Ltd ( www.waterrecycle.com.au ), electrical contracted to Lower Clarence Electrical Pty Ltd, plumbing connections to Bruce Gordon Plumbing Services, excavation by T&A Commerford, tanks from Duplas Alstonville and telemetry to Rad-Tel Systems Pty Ltd. The late Peter Jelliffe was the lead environmental engineering consultant in the project, with subsequent assistance from Joe Whitehead.

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